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     ATZtech ltd is a private engineering company which specializes in the development and manufacturing of solutions in various  fields. 

About us
Project design
& Technology support


Our Expertise

-Environmental solutions.

 Biological Physical and chemical treatment solutions.


-Composite material and thermoplastic technology product design

-Fire and ballistic protection product and technologies.


The company's team of engineering experts provides professional consult service enable our customers to build and produce independently, supported and escorted by ATZtech Professionals.

About The Founder - Joseph Atzmon






Former CEO&CTO of Treatec21 industries lTD

Former VP of Orlite Industries LTD.

Expertize in engineering design since 1978.

Supporting your engineering needs from A to Z

Latest News 

9/2020- New ATZ VOC biofilter install in ROP israel .Removing high load of printing line solvents.

5/2020 -DAO MSBT system start to oprate in Kerem reim waste water plant. 

12/2019- Operation contract of ATZ VOC biofilter .install in haogenplast  israel .Removing high load of printing line solvents.

9.2018 - Joseph Atzmon received the "Confucius friendship awared "in Qufu China for remarkable inviromental achievement.


9.2015  -

New Revolutionary Duable action oxidation system

ATZtech introduce to the market a new oxidation system Patent.

Design to reduce energy for oxidation using less air supply by 30 to 60 %.

The system design to be use in all the biological technologies: MSBT (Multi stage biological treatment), Activated sludge, SBR, MBR, MBBR, Lagoons. And gravel treatment.



Below - ATZtech MSBT-A Non organic sludge technology  using the new Duable action oxidation system


5000 m^3/day industrial plant for LED waste water treatment for quality river discharge,

Launched and began operation on October 2013 in Song Sang Lake , Dounguan, China. 

Designed by Joseph Atzmon (ATZtech) with Treatec21 Dowell cooperation

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