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Environmental Technologies & Products 

Advanced patent pending aeration techn.ology, saving around 50% of the air consumption compare to any exciting diffuser technology.


The patent DAO -Double Action Oxidation tecnology can be implemented in most of the biological technologies including : Activated sludge ,SBR.MBR,

 The DAO 'S product can modified  the reactors without need to evacuate the water.

ATZtech ltd providing a wide range of advanced solution and is capable of tailoring attractive solution to each project in water , waste water and air purification treatment.
With its high expertize engineers the company is also providing consultent service to enable our  partners  to built water and waste water plant by themselves with continious support from ATZtech.
2018-04-12 17.53.25.jpg

VOC Bio filter

High performance bio filters to

remove TOC and odor.


14000 m^3/hr

20000 PPM TOC


NEW-Advanced Aeration system using DAO patened technology.  



Low cost innovative technology to build and operate an efficient waste water plant without surplus of organic sludge and with very low energy consumption.


Containerized WWPT &

Filtration System




Ro Desalination





DSF- De Nitrification 

Sand Filter.

Reduction of Nitrogen & Phosphorus to low level.



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